February: a room for families


February saw the opening of a project in the ASU Prep Academy that has been in the works for the last few months.

We transformed a room originally used for cluttered all-purpose storage
into a cozy and beautiful reading space for students and their families.
It is filled with books and comfortable furniture, and features
paintings and mobiles made of children’s answers to the questions,
“Do you like to read?  Why or why not?”

January: science made into art at eyelounge


“Chemical Decisions and Then Some,” a collaborative work with scientist Stephanie Bittner, will be on display as part of the Art + Science = Strange Language exhibition at eyelounge in downtown Phoenix.
The exhibition, in turn, is part of the Arizona SciTech Festival, a multi-venue event with exhibitions across the entire state from January 25 – March 14.

Exhibition dates:
January 20 – February 12
First Friday:  February 3, 6 – 10

September: a work in progress


Been putting the house in order (oh joy) – discovered spare paint in the back of the cupboards, and old paintbrushes between the couch cushions.

New imagery & show updates will be along in the crisp cool month of October.

July: join+cast exhibition



Join + Cast Ventures will celebrate the release of their local arts guidebook with an exhibition at the A.E. England Gallery during the month of July.  Artists include Jason Koster, Ani Tung, Mary Shindell, Mark Gabriel, Brendan Ore, Gregory Sale, Sean Deckert, Kelly Flanagan, Dustin McBride, Ellie Richards, Muriel Magenta, MAN-CAT, Christina Mesiti, Lindsay Chappel, Kon Stamadianos, Bucky Timothy Miller, me (as Trustgallery), Angelica Jubran Bishara, Safwat Saleem + Robert Kilman, and Sallie Scheufler + Chloe Hodson.

It’s a neat show and a really special book, come out for a look if you can.   Opening reception is Friday, July 1 and the show is up through July 26.

A.E. England Gallery location: 424 North Central Avenue, downtown Phoenix, in the Civic Space Park