june: fun and late nights at the children’s museum of phoenix.

Saturday, June 14:  It’s open!  It’s open!   Go see for yourself:   www.childrensmuseumofphoenix.org

I’ve had mostly a fantastic time working with the Childrens Museum of Phoenix in various roles over the last ten years.   The chaotic, spontaneous few weeks leading up to Opening Day were terrific.

Here’s the CD Wall.   Nearly 6000 children wrote or drew their wishes, hopes, and dreams on these cds last year.  In 9 days, we threaded 4500 of them with wire, fishline, and buttons, and hung them at the museum entry where a skylight reflects dancing shadows on the floor:




The Painting House in the Art Studio is simply a small wooden house frame, on which children paint.   This is a ‘real’ version of one of the very first sketches I made ten years ago, inspired by the Childrens Museum of San Diego, and so it is a delight to see it (like so many of the exhibits) working in real life even better than it did in our imaginations.


Noodle Forest was up at the children’s museum for a weekend, then had to come down (all 7500) because apparently pool noodles are a fire hazard when not being used in pools.  It will be re-installed with flame-retardant pool noodles sometime soon.  In the meantime, here’s an image of the 2006 Noodle Forest prototype that convinced us it was going to be worth the trouble:


Oh, and one more picture sampler, some of the little tiles in the bathrooms.  But what really makes the bathrooms special are the very very small toilets, and the sparkling floors.  Go see for yourself…   :  )